Are Students Similar to Their Teachers?

Ziya Pasha, who said, “The ritual is work, the person’s visible rank is in her work,” said it well, that the quality is in the middle without the need for words … Are Students Similar to Their Teachers?

Are Students Similar to Their Teachers?

No matter what skill the person’s job requires, external observations and evaluations reveal how much the person doing the job loves her job, what she gives herself and what she adds

This is the case in teaching, as it is in all professions. The preparations made in these days when the schools were opened start to give away the rituals. Refreshing their knowledge and self-development by using the summer vacation as an opportunity; The excitement of those who are wondering what I can do about both methods and equipment in the teaching process is reflected in the environment. While preparing for the first day of school, they complete all their preparations with the spirit of a child. Their tools are renewed, the smallest details are calculated, and they refresh themselves with the belief that each new academic year is a new beginning. They are the ones who are striving to do the best with the principle of “Those who have a ‘job’ because they don’t have a ‘job’ other than their job’, leaving aside the ‘despite-but-but-buts’ and worrying about what they can do better. There is no definition of trivia; they have priorities to be taught. They are another sparkle in the world of education. While shaping the child like a sculptor beyond teaching, the ritual is reflected on the child, stitch by stitch. While teaching, he trains all his feelings and behaviors, while educating, he passes all his knowledge to himself.

Although education is seen as a long-term action, the teacher’s behavior towards his own quality or his achievements for the student are actually visible… The student either comes running to his second home or runs away. Either he grows with his dreams or his hopes die with his dreams.

Are Students Similar to Their Teachers?

The love of the student is also different for the one whose ritual is his work. He immediately puts his teacher at the top of the list, on the list of the most loved and missed ones. While he draws his teacher somewhere in the pictures, most of his expressions are taken from school life. The teacher’s words are another effect and they are absolutely true in his eyes, the abstract form of love is embodied between two hearts.

The teacher is the one who touches the child the most after the parents, and this touch should be such that his traces are always remembered with gratitude and respect. While the ones whose ritual is a job remain in mind for a lifetime, the students he trained are a separate value and a ‘mark’ to the human side of the world.

Hoping to have many ‘traces’ in the new academic year… With love…

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