Becoming a Next Generation Teacher

It has been a little more than a month since I started working as a Turkish teacher at MEB(Turkish Ministry of Education) . I am happy to share my knowledge so far with my students in classes. I also keep in mind the thought that I should add savings to my savings and keep them alive. As stated in “Being a New Generation Teacher”, it is clear in the curriculum what will be taught in the lessons, but how they will be taught is left to the teachers. Besides, there is education that should not be neglected next to the education at school. In short, “How can I be useful to my students?” I’m on a quest that’s at the center of the question. “Being a New Generation Teacher” is a book with a broad horizon that I read in line with this quest. Why is it broad? Although the focus is on teachers, our education system has also been scrutinized. Many topics such as patriotism, environmental awareness, digital transformation in education, success in education and homework were mentioned. This work is a combination of Metin Özdamarlar, a hardworking teacher, with his twenty years of educational experience and qualified readings. Educational ideas are reinforced by memories, aphorisms and historical anecdotes; “Being a New Generation Teacher” is a book emphasizing values ​​education.

Becoming a Next Generation Teacher

I find it helpful to quote the chapters of the book in a table:

*being a teacher who loves her job

*Being a motivating, role model teacher

*Being a teacher who comprehends critical thinking and is open to criticism

*be a respected teacher

The book begins with the chapter “Being a Teacher Who Loves His Profession”. The author mentions that he graduated from university in 2002 and was appointed to the Günyüzü district of Eskişehir. The author emphasizes that he looked forward to his first lesson and that he has been looking forward to the lessons for twenty years. While still in the first lines, the reader gets a clue about the highlights of the book. One of these emphases is “love”.

Being a Qualified Reading and Monitoring Teacher

Metin Özdamarlar “I owe my writing, my teaching, to reading all the lectures and interviews I give.” uses an expression. I think he paid attention to the books because of his loyalty. In this section, which I consider important, it is mentioned that teachers should follow the newly released books, choose the right book for the child, donate books, determine the reading profiles of the students, and ensure that the students become members of the public library. I consider the following statements regarding the freedom of choice for children to be important: “Let’s be a guide in book fairs, but let’s leave the children free. They can make their own choice of books under our control.”

Being a Teacher for Generation Z and Alpha

In this section, Z and Alpha generation are mentioned. It was mentioned that students from this generation should be taught to improve the existing situation and crisis management, as they should discover knowledge rather than give information directly. I find it very meaningful to mention the technological elements -like, fav, stalk, troll, hashtag- and their effects on our language, especially in the speeches of the Alpha generation. I think that teachers should not be unfamiliar with these and similar expressions. It was reminded that technology teaching is not just watching videos on the smart board, technology is a tool, not a goal. A table with digital content production programs for teachers is included. The author talks about the design needed to be a teacher addressing Generation Z and Alpha, with the following words: “It is of great importance that we redesign our textbooks, our classrooms, our curriculum, and our assignments according to Alpha generation, Z generation and 21st century competencies.”

To be a teacher who constantly improves himself, develops students and has goals

“The first three years of a new teacher are critical. These three years determine whether you will be a ‘casual’ or ‘front row’ teacher, a routine performer within the system, or a leading teacher.” These lines were impressive to me. As a new teacher, I found myself in these lines; I was also happy to be a student and continue to take steps to improve myself.

The author reveals striking ideas about our education system, which he focuses on: Compulsory education should be 8 years, the system based on grades and achievement should be completely removed or minimized, coursebooks should be renewed every year, recess times should be increased, a textbook in the exams of the Alpha generation, it is necessary to be free to use notebooks, dictionaries, rulers, and to conduct unsupervised exams… Although these ideas seem like dreams at the moment, the author suggests that dreaming is necessary for success. While the subject of what should be done in the education system is kept in the foreground in “Being a New Generation Teacher”, the subject of how these should be done is in the background and incomplete. For this reason, I must say that I find the subtitle of the book “Guidelines for 21st Century Teachers” exaggerated.

“This work is not written by a teacher who claims to teach very well and to know very well, but by a teacher who aims to learn new things every day, who wants to add value to this beautiful country and to leave a pleasant voice in the eternal dome. All the suggestions in the work are Criticisms and expectations are directed at myself first, they are about me.
“To capture the frequency of children, we must look at things from the child’s world, not from the adult world.”

“Every heart we touch is our hometown. The more students we have in their hearts, the more hometowns we have. That’s why every teacher has hundreds of hometowns.”


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