Let’s Talk About Generation Z?

Due to our profession, we are together with children a lot. There are many times that we meet those sleepy eyes in the morning and close the day with them. Let’s not lie, they are weird 🙂

They are very brave in saying what they feel. They ask why. They are questioning. They love to be known. They cannot bear to be ignored, they are offended. There is tremendous resistance. But when they feel love, they are stunned. How? They look at his face as if to say, they try to perceive it. When they are sure, they become like cotton. Like sunflowers that turn their faces to the sun, complete surrenders. But they are also very prone to breakage. Some are obvious as obvious targets, some just the opposite. They think they are wearing an invisibility suit, when they are noticed, they feel like they have been hit, they can’t make sense of it. They make room for themselves among the many ideas they cannot understand. They get bored quickly, they consume quickly. When we look at it from here, we adults are uneasy, but they do not forget when they are processed from the right place. They have big big sentences that come at unexpected moments, they don’t hesitate to say it. One of my students said, “Sir, your shirt is related to the past. Even if it doesn’t happen, you hide it. If we don’t, we don’t wear it, that’s it. You have to let it happen.” [I said it was weird :)] You might be lecturing that we were the ones with those weights, but when you stop and think about it, you agree. Oddly enough, they can worry about the same problems as you. They were born out of necessity into the heart of technology, they played with technology. They are aware of everything, they are in the part where they work. But when you catch it from somewhere, you can speak the same language. “You’re a child, you wouldn’t understand.” It might look funny for this group. Sometimes they are forced. There you take refuge in the identity of a teacher. It is necessary to pay attention to these children who were born in the middle of busy life in the rush of life. It has to be processed finely, without getting tired. No way is easy to say.

It is said that those who have the courage to teach should not stop learning. If we showed that courage, we have to touch these children here as well. It is necessary to change the method. They do not understand what the ancients said with a scowl when they entered the classroom with a wooden ruler. The best way to break resistance is love. Could there be a better bond between generations than this?

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