Things Teachers Need To Know in 21. Century

What qualities should a 21st century teacher have? How can we gain these features to our teacher candidates and employees? In fact, do these questions and their answers only apply to the 21st century? Things Teachers Need To Know in 21. Century…

Things Teachers Need To Know

Things Teachers Need To Know ? For centuries, many philosophers and scientists have listed the qualities that teachers should have;

Societies thought about the characteristics of teachers/teachers to whom they entrusted their children and their future, and how they should be brought up. The above questions are not only problems that need to be solved in the 21st century, and they will not be resolved. As a result, if we respect and add to the accumulation of science and the work of our ancestors, we can live the 21st century as enlightened and prosperous and set a model for the future. In short, what characteristics should the person we call a qualified Teacher have; how the universally qualified teacher was defined in a historical process; I will try to briefly discuss the questions of what kind of measures we should take to ensure the personal and professional development of our teachers:

Teacher educator Richardson asked his 10-year-old son, Nick, “What makes a good teacher a teacher?” he asks. His son’s response is as follows:

1- A good teacher loves children.
2- A good teacher knows well what he needs to know. A good teacher can either answer my questions or help us find the answers ourselves.
3- A good teacher takes care of us and protects us.

He then asks the same question to 90-year-old Mildred Nef, who has spent 73 years in different Educational settings. Mildred’s answer is also immediate:

1- Teachers should love children.
2- Teachers should be interested in the subjects they teach and know well what they teach.
3- They should enjoy the teaching process.

In a study we conducted in Turkey in 1994; The following are the qualities that students look for in a good teacher:

– Loving children, trying to get to know them; respect, not discriminating among students, behaving fairly,
– Knows the subject well and loves the subject,
– Knows how to teach well and enjoys teaching,
– To provide discipline in the lesson; not boiling the lesson and not allowing boiling,
– Using the course equipment on site and making it available.

A study we did four years ago came up with similar results:

Things Teachers Need To Know;

1- Must love and respect children; be friendly, be friendly,
2- It must be just,
3- He should be interested in the subject he will teach, he should love it,
4- He should know the subject he will teach well,
5- Must know how to teach well and love to teach,
6- The teacher must be a good intellectual,
7- Must use the course equipment appropriately; keep up with technological developments.

How to train teacher candidates? As for the question; first of all, the teacher candidate; it is necessary to choose from people who love children, respect them, and enjoy caring for them, researching, learning and teaching them. For a person to enjoy teaching:

– He likes to search for information, and for this, the pre-service teacher/teacher needs to have a disciplined mind.

– Having knowledge of the discipline/subject area, the teacher helps students learn high-level thinking skills such as ‘critical thinking’, ‘problem solving’, ‘creative thinking’; It enables them to use it in their lives and to activate their creativity. Teachers with in-depth knowledge of the subject area(s) can synthesize knowledge and guide their students to develop these skills. Teachers who can synthesize knowledge can produce knowledge; can think creatively. In the book titled “Teacher’s Professional Ethics” published by the Ministry of National Education in 1934, it is said that “Teacher is a genealogist”.


The North Arizona State University School of Education, which I visited in 2006, had set its mission as ‘training teachers who will create the future’. Creativity is a field of mind that we will need in the 21st century. Finding creative solutions to problems, for this we must first understand what we read. In that case, we need to learn our own language meaningfully; for this we must read, write and speak a lot; then we need to learn other scientific languages meaningfully. If we do not yet understand what we are reading even in our own language, how will we produce knowledge? Therefore, first of all, our teachers should be meaningful literates so that they can guide their students and families in meaningful reading and writing, and enable their students to produce knowledge.


Especially in the 21st century, we will need more synthesizing, creative/creative/productive thinking brains. In order to train these brains, we must first start with the instructors who train our teacher candidates. Instructors should be able to gain the nature of knowledge meaningfully and bring it to prospective teachers. They should be able to answer the question of how can we construct and produce that knowledge in the minds of children in the easiest, simplest and simplest way at which level they are training teachers, so that we can improve the synthesis and creation skills of teacher candidates and therefore children. Otherwise, children with memorized knowledge; They are condemned to carry useless piles of information that cannot see the simplest relationships and have no relation to life. As a result; It is expected that teacher candidates and teachers who will create the future should be equipped with these features in order to raise individuals who are curious, discover, solve problems, produce knowledge, transfer it to technology and contribute to world civilization. It is one of the important characteristics that teachers of the 21st century should have by using technology effectively, to love to research, learn, find creative solutions to problems, share and teach with pleasure.

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