Why Can’t We Learn English?

For years, I have been questioning why we were exposed to English from childhood and could not learn it. What is the reason why an individual who has reached the age of 18 takes compulsory English lessons for 10 years and stays put? Isn’t it strange that he took lessons for 10 years and could not speak other than basic phrases like hello, how are you? I don’t think we have a reason to learn a language. They wanted to teach us the language somehow, but they never explained why we should learn it. They did not tell us what we would learn and why, or where it would be useful to us. There was definitely a target, but we didn’t even know about the target.

Why Can't We Learn English?

If one day we asked children why they should learn English, do you think our question would remain unanswered? I do not think so…

I had my own reasons for learning languages. I have been exposed to English from the age of 5 and I have never seen it as a subject where I need to get points. For me, English was not just a foreign language, it was more than a language.

I had to learn English because I needed this language to play with children from different countries, meet people from various countries, get to know other cultures and chase my dreams. English is more than just a subject in our curriculum; it is actually a favor, a new way and one’s goals. That’s why the sentence I want to learn English should have a purpose, a goal.

Goals that make us passionate about language learning and ambitious…

I want to learn English in order to meet new people and communicate more comfortably, to be more successful in my profession and to meet new people in different countries with the same profession, to travel abroad and to travel without worrying about communicating, to read and understand the written books in their original language, to exhibit my work in a common language that everyone can understand. We need goals and objectives such as In line with our own dreams and goals, we need to fill in the learning of English on our own. Only then can we learn the target language we want with great pleasure and ease.

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